A chance for change

A chance for change
vote green 2022
Quality homes
Better connectivity
Healthier communities
Prosperous economy
Zero carbon
Protecting nature

Why Vote Green?

Greens want to provide a real green new deal for Oxfordshire

  • Quality homes We have some of the least affordable housing in the UK. Access to secure, decent housing is a human right. No one should need to sleep rough or be insecurely housed.
  • Better connectivity We need sustainable solutions to make our transport systems safe, clean and functional. This includes policies which reduce the need to travel.
  • Healthier communities Areas of Oxford fall within some of the most deprived in England. In these areas deaths from preventable causes, self-harm and obesity are above average. This must change.
  • A prosperous economy COVID and the rising cost of living has exposed serious weaknesses in our economy and deep-seated inequalities. Those who are the hardest hit need more Council support.
  • Zero carbon Green pressure has resulted in commitments to go 'net zero carbon'. But action is slow and inconsistent. It needs Greens to stop the 'greenwashing' that is all to common.
  • Protecting nature Greens have long warned of the ecological crisis we are facing - a threat as real as climate change. Local action is essential to protect our shrinking natural world.