Your Green Candidates

With elections coming on 5 May 2022, you have a real opportunity to change your local area for the better. On 5th May, elections will be held for :

  • Oxford City Council
  • Cherwell District Council
  • West Oxfordshire District Council

Candidates include:

Rosie Rawle, Donnington Ward, Oxford City

Rosie Rawle has lived in East Oxford for six years and has been active in the local community ever since. Rosie first moved to the city to work for Oxfam. At Oxfam, she campaigned to end British arms sales to Saudi Arabia that were being used in the war in Yemen, as well as for family reunion for refugees. Rosie has a background in the trade union movement. She has supported university staff in campaigns for fairer pensions, worked alongside public sector unions in the anti-austerity movement, and campaigned in solidarity with trade unions across the world to oppose sweatshop labour practices. She is currently a PhD researcher studying workers’ rights and movements in the global electronics industry.

Alongside this, Rosie has been active in countless campaigns for climate justice. She helped launch one of the UK’s first university fossil fuel divestment campaigns, which was ultimately successful in taking hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of investments out of coal, oil and gas. As part of her work in the climate movement, Rosie was a trustee of the campaigning charity People & Planet.

Rosie has been active in the Green Party for eight years, during which time she was co-chair of the party’s youth wing - the Young Greens - for three years.

Rosie Rawle
Emily Kerr

Emily Kerr, St. Mary's Ward, Oxford City

Emily has lived in St. Mary’s ward since 2015. She is the founder of Share Our Cars, a national campaign encouraging people to ‘borrow, not buy’ new cars, and lives with her partner and their three young children.

She works as a sustainability consultant and is a great believer in the power of both business and grassroots community initiatives to make change.

Emily is extremely concerned about the impact of climate change and social justice issues and joined the Green Party to make a difference at the local level.

She loves cycling, and campaigns locally for improved cycle and pedestrian safety and empowering people to reduce private car use. Emily has also launched, or helped launch, a number of car-sharing groups in Oxford, allowing neighbours to easily share their cars and reduce pressure on local parking.

She was recently recognised as a Climate Change Hero by the High Sheriff of Oxfordshire. Emily has been a school governor for 13 years and ran a company which published travel guides for kids.

Emily studied for her MBA at INSEAD in France and Singapore, and has a degree from Cambridge and a BA Foundation from Oxford.

Alistair Morris, Marston Ward, Oxford City

Alistair sits on Old Marston Parish Council and has lived in Marston for more than 15 years. He is vice chair of Court Place Farm allotments, co-founder of Marston Community Gardening, and sits on St Nicholas Church Social Justice and Environment Committee. He is also an Electric Vehicle Champion for the County Council.

Alistair believes that the future well-being of our community in Marston and of the planet depends upon the respect we show for the environment. He leads local initiatives which encourage a healthier, safer and more sustainable way of living.

These include the planting of trees and wildflower corridors in parks, pub gardens and roadsides to encourage beauty and biodiversity. He is creating orchards that will provide fresh, free and local fruit, and spearheading community allotments for food production and hen-keeping. This will allow for donations of free local produce to those in need.

Alistair Morris
Dianne Regisford

Dianne Regisford, Holywell Ward, Oxford City

Dianne Regisford was born in Oxford. This is her home, but her background includes a diverse range of influences from post apartheid South Africa to Abingdon . She is a recent PHD graduate, small business owner and parent governor of a local school. She understands the town and gown.

She is not your usual politician. Her approach is based on focusing on what brings together, builds a community and gives voice for all.

From solving parking problems to understanding the impact of climate change, Dianne listens to what can bring us together as a community to deal with the issues we are faced with.

Dianne listens. She believes that by listening and evoking a sense of belonging for all, we solve our issues, fix our problems, but more than that – we become a community of diverse voices.